When I first heard about the Nintendo switch it was in October 2016, I remember people actually messaging me telling me about the ad that release for it and I saw it and I’ll be honest with you I wasn’t really very hyped I guess I could say. It’s not exactly that I was excited for a new Nintendo system is it there it’s been a few years that I’ve even really I owned one. Last one I owned was actually a Wii. Then I remember seeing the press conference for it back in January and once they showed Shin Megami Tensei being on the Nintendo switch, I knew that was a wrap. Is it worth the purchase well I’ll let you know what I think.

So the Nintendo switch right now is $300 will to be specific $323.99 after the California tax. I remember picking it up obviously on March 3 along with the legend of Zelda breath of the wild now I just want to get this clear breath of the wild is an amazing game. It reminds me of the original Zelda in terms of how you just gonna basically wake up and go on your own. So of course Zelda is very good but how about the switch itself now I will be honest with you guys I personally do not like the joy cons that is not to say they are bad controlled by any means the few times that I have used it they have been very functional I haven’t had any of the connection problems that you’ve been reading online about that, though I will leave made when it comes to two player games such as super bomber man R or the digital download of king of fighters 98, it can feel a little cramp if you’re using separate joy cons and it sideways motion now of course as I said before I bought a pro controller specifically for this reason and I will say it is a bit pricey it is going for $80 for what’s basically a $60 controller as in the PlayStation four’s dual shock or the Microsoft’s Xbox one controllers. Except this one has an amiibo reader. I need to stress this if you plan on purchasing a switch please get a pro controller as soon as you can especially for Zelda I have been playing 90% of my play through with the pro controller and I keep hearing that while the joy cons are decent it can get frustrating playing the game with the joy cons.

So with the controllers out-of-the-way let’s go onto the system itself so it is a tablet what you are going to be holding your hands the screen that is the system itself and it is very impressive it is a lot larger than you think I remember when I first saw videos and pictures of it I thought it was going to be very small first time I’ve held it in my hand I realize hey this actually feels kind of comfortable with the both joy cons being able to connect to the opposite sides of the tablet itself or if you’d like you can have the stand of the tablet and be open and laid on any flat surface and be able to play the joy cons by itself without it being connected to the tablet I have a comes with a free grip included that makes you be able to use like a normal controller.

Yes of the system itself looks great feels good the sound is actually really nice too I personally have started playing a game called the VOEZ which funny enough does not use the joy cons it is strictly a Touchbased game so you’re just using the tablet as if you were holding an iPad and the calibration on it is very good the sound is perfect I never once felt like I was missing a Music note because the sound and the display was in Synced as opposed to say you know games like rock band where there’s times the calibration would be totally off and suddenly 150 note streak is kaput.

I do have to met I do have my grapes with the Nintendo switch though the tablet mode by itself only real last about three hours which if they’re going to push for a portable system isn’t really the best of course there’s a lot of accessories that will allow you to connect have it be like to a car charger or just maybe even some battery extenders will probably release him in as one the 30th first came out they had the same issues of course I do have to mention there are not many games after the system as well right now the only ones that come to mind physically is breath of the wild, super bomberman R, 1-2 Switch , Just dance 2017, and binding of Isaac afterbirth + that releases today.

There’s also the gripe of the virtual Console not being ready to go right now which isn’t really a huge problem because the shop is selling games like snipper clips or the aforementioned king of fighters 98 on it right now and very decent prices king of fighters itself is only about eight dollars. Though I can tell you personally I am waiting to be able to buy all my old school Super Nintendo games on the go.

One last ride with it is the 32 GB hard drive that’s on it while Nintendo games in general are very large especially if you go more for the cartridges you want to have a problem but you have to remember the marketed this as a portable system so having them all on the hard drive would be amazing so I recommend if you’re thinking of doing that are buying yourself an SD card with a very large memory because nothing will suck more than running out especially when your favorite games are released.

So if I would have to get my final thoughts on the Nintendo switch I will say I am glad I own it I thought the price was very fair to 299.99 retail price. Well I will admit there are many games out for it in the list that they released a few weeks back about which games are already confirmed for eight is enough to get any Nintendo fan hype so I will say if you have a chance to get your hands on any of these guys since it’s incredibly hard to come by now I do recommend going for it, you will not be disappointed as a Nintendo fan!