Main Staff

Krissy Lawlor
Krissy LawlorExecutive Producer
Among The Fan’s POV, Krissy is the Star Wars, Power Rangers and CLAMP pro. She loves being behind the camera, directing and being the creative mind. The first fandoms Krissy got involved with were Star Wars and Batman. This led to her going to her first convention in New York in 2004 titled I-Con. Since then, conventions and fandom events have been her life. Her favorite food is penne (or rigatoni) ala vodka with chicken or shrimp.

Ernie Layug
Ernie LayugAssociate Producer
This avid Yankees fan is a freelance videographer, who has been producing music videos and films ever since he was 16 years old. After his friends convinced him to attend I-Con, the local sci-fi convention on Long Island, NY, he has been hooked on attending as many as he can. He’s been both front and behind the camera serving as host and executive producer until 2011. In his spare time, he loves to travel, collect hats, play the drums, and watch movies. Among his friends, it is no secret that his favorite food is fried chicken, especially from Popeye’s or KFC.

Ricardo Landaverde Jr.
Ricardo Landaverde Jr.Social Media Correspondent
Resident hot sauce aficionado and all things fighting gaminess, Ricardo is one of our awesome staff members. He has worked both in front and behind the camera. He is open-minded to everything that life has to offer and then some. Born in California, currently living in New York, Ricardo brings such enthusiasm to The Fan’s POV. If there is ever a beard contest or a fighting game tournament happening, chances are he’ll be there! His favorite food is pasta shrimp alfredo.

Jon Ingoglia
Jon IngogliaReporter
This anime fan has been part of the show since its first inception in 2008 and has been an avid part of the convention documentaries beforehand. With his outspokenness, he has served as an analyst and occasional host. Most of his work is behind the camera as he served as cameraman on many occasions in both conventions and fan films. He likes tabletop gaming, video gaming, and the sport of boxing. His favorite food is BACON!

Chris D'Onofrio
Chris D'OnofrioReporter
Chris has been involved with “The Fan’s POV” ever since its creation in 2008. He served as host and analyst on numerous occasions. He is best known for his spectacular acting and character re-creation of Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which he has been cosplaying since 2004. He has also cosplayed as “The Terminator” and “Dog The Bounty Hunter”, along with several characters from “Fairy Tail”. He has hosted very successful panels as well as served as a panelist at various conventions on the east coast. When he isn’t working, he enjoys playing the guitar, war gaming, writing, marine biology and paleontology. His favorite food is steak.

Juan Martinez
Juan MartinezReporter
Juan Martinez while still relatively new to the Convention seen has enthusiasm that knows no bounds. His love for DC Comics is rivaled only by his love for the fighting game scene. Living in the heart of Sonoma County, California Juan attempts to go to as many cons as possible. His Favorite Foods are Crab Puffs and Burritos.

Honorable Mentions

Shannon D’Onofrio

Chrystal Ann
Nikki Mcd

Raven Goodwill
Nick Maino