On January 30th I had the pleasure of attempting Luma Con in Petaluma, California. It wasn’t my first time attending the con as I went to its first year in 2015 but I have to say it was definitely just as great an experience if not better. Before I go any further I have to give props to the creators of Luma Con for making it possible.

Nathan Libecap from the Casa Grande Library
Connie Williams from the Petaluma High School Library
Kate Keaton from the Children’s Library located inside the Petaluma Library.

This time it took place in the Petaluma Community Center of Luchessi Park and I couldn’t imagine a better place for it. It’s a very big building with multiple rooms that had a variety of activities and things to see. As I walked into the building I was greeted by some of what I imagined to be the high school students that volunteered to help with the con, very friendly and helped me find my way around to the different rooms of the convention. I decided to stop by the main room which had many local artists (both kids and adults!) showing off their work. It was great to see popular characters in different art styles, and even having the chance to see some art being created in front of me by one of the Casa Grande students.

As I made my way around the main hall I was also able to spot some really great cosplays. Notable ones including The Crystal Gems from Steven Universe, Yukiko Amagi and Yu Narukami from Persona 4, Harley Quinn and Mettaton from the recently popular UnderTale video game. Was able to snag pictures of all these wonderful costumes (which you can check out on the Fan’s P.O.V. Facebook Page) . As I made my way around the convention building I found myself in the Magic the Gathering Trading Card Game room, I managed to walk in midway through a beginners class of the game. While not a player of the series myself I found it wonderful how there was a room made specifically for it as Petaluma has a very big fan base for the game.

Other rooms that I managed to find my way in was a small Playroom for younger kids that had Legos and allowed them to build and create to their hearts desire, a panel room that had a variety of topics such as “Comics as Literature” which I really regret not being able to attend this time out. And a room where attendees could draw art of their own on three large banners. Outside of the building itself there was the ever fun L.A.R.P. (Live Action Role Playing) going on. While I didn’t partake in it myself I managed to see a Spider-Man get into an intense sword fight with a Jedi, while having a Hobbit defend itself from a Pokemon trainer holding a giant shield.

I decided to head back inside to the main hall for one last lap before I went and I’m glad I did because I had the very lucky chance to meet Steve Purcell, best known as the creator of Sam and Max. Had a quick chat about him and his experience with the development of the TellTale Game series based on his work. It was here just as I was about to leave the con that I decided to see more of the younger local artists crowd. One student by the name of Paula Ortiz had this amazing set up of her art that I just had to check out. I was so impressed by the art I actually decided to ask for a a Boba Fett art in her style. After that I saw two young men known as Roberto & Armando which had some really nice depictions of Angels and Superheroes using marker. One of my favorite artists was Levi Craig from “Watercolor Chaos” that has some amazing prints for sale from just about anything you could think of. My sister who accompanied me to the convention bought one of his Harley Quinn prints and the red and black looked absolutely beautiful.

It was at this point I was getting hungry and decided to try out the food before I took one last lap. Thankfully the food did not disappoint as they were serving Pizza, Sushi, Brownies and Cookies. Along with some Soda and Water. Decided to just have myself a piece of Pizza, though I did overhear that the Sushi was delicious as well. I decided to check out one last booth before I left and it was “The Smoking Pencil” booth. Managed to meet Javier Ullloa one of the creators of it and he showed of a new comic series that he was working on known as “Outside the Lines” as I was checking out the comic book I realized that the art looked very familiar. I later found out that Mr. Ulloa was an animator on one of my favorite fighting games “Skullgirls”. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fanboy at this information. I chatted with him about his experience with both his comic and the working on Skullgirls and even told me that the main character in him new comic book is actually referenced in Skullgirls. We then actually had some locks matches on the game itself and he showed off the reference, color #17 for the character Robo fortune is the same color scheme as his new character.

LumaCon was a fantastic experience. There was much to do and see, got a chance to meet a lot of aspiring artists and while most of them younger then me, still as inspirational as the older ones. I really hope that LumaCon has many more conventions as the years go by (which I think is a safe bet as it was announced there were over 2,500 attendees this year). Not only that but it’s a friendly environment and a great start for people who always wanted to go to a convention but can never make the trip to the bigger ones.

Can’t wait to come back next year

-Juan Martinez for the Fan’s P.O.V.

Photo: Craig Levi from WaterColor Chaos at Luma Con