By Ernie Layug

Art & passion are the two basic components that Internet Personality Steven D’Onofrio uses in his new YouTube show called “I Just Arted” which premiered this past weekend on his channel. The colorful personality of D’Onofrio only matches those he uses on his drawings. The first episode that is posted below serves as an introduction to this Native New Yorker. This is a Q&A video with a drawing and a cocktail, which is not bad at all. The interactive feel of the episode makes you feel he is personally talking to you and to only you. It makes you feel like he’s your friend that you have known all your life and his warming aura welcomes you into his Hollywood home.

The synopsis of the first episode is Steven drawing Sailor Moon, which took him about an hour to do, however with the magic of editing, he speeds up the process to around 6 minutes. During his drawing, he answers Twitter questions including his history of art, the transition from his business degree to art, and finally who is his biggest inspiration. Also, little tidbits of Steven’s magnetic & humorous personality shines though with some cheesy yet hilarious one-liners. My personal favorite was his answer to “Can I sit on your face?”. I posted that up on The Fan’s POV Instagram with the hashtag #SitOnStevensFace (Tried to get it trending, but it didn’t work). Not only does he draw on the show, but also a cocktail serves as a sidekick to help him bring out more of his personality so to say.

Each episode will have a themed cocktail catered to whatever he drawing for that episode. The next day (Sunday) on his Facebook Page, he will post up a recipe video on what ingredients are needed and how to make it yourself. This week’s cocktail was Sailor Moon-inspired called SAILOR MOON’S MOON PRISM POWER VODKA TONIC. It’s basically a raspberry vodka tonic with some red food coloring along with lemon & strawberries. According to him, it’s very tasty. The cocktail brings another element into this hodge-podge of a show. If you aren’t a fan of art, stay for the drinks. If you are a fan of the art, stay for the drinks. With Steven around and a cocktail, the conversation never ends and the fun keeps getting better & better. Just note that he is not a licensed bartender and the recipes are from his own creation and experimentation.

According to D’Onofrio, there will be guests on the show such as Danielle McRae, Sunglass Cat, Kiki Wongo. It would be interesting to see the interaction between the two and to see if that chemistry that Steven has with his audience could be transferred over to a one-on-one conversation, interview style video. The interaction shouldn’t hurt, but it might take away some focus from the audience to his guest. We have to see what happens.

Overall, this show is great and definitely deserves at least a view. It’s not long as some other drawing videos are and its even more entertaining than some of those drawing videos that are out there. Steven’s bubbly personality and goofy “man-child” persona shine throughout the show. The art & the alcohol are very helpful elements to the show. You can see Steven’s talent as he draws his favorite characters (Personally, I’m waiting for him to draw WWE’s New Day), you can tell that he’s passionate about art and loves what he is doing. The cocktails are creative and shows another side of Steven’s passion as he translate from paper to the martini glass.

You can subscribe to Steven D’Onofrio YouTube Channel at You can like him on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and follow him on Instagram. PS, he’s the webmaster/graphic designer for our page…don’t tell anybody.