The weekend of March 17-19 was the return of one of the biggest and most popular Long Island, New York convention, I-con!

Normally it’s held at Stony Brook University, this year however it was held this year at the Suffolk Community College in Brentwood.

The last time I-con was held, it was it was 2012, so it’s been awhile since we’ve had a large-scale convention in Long Island.

The venue itself was definitely bigger than the last convention area, with more space for panels, concerts, performances, and even more vendors than the previous years.

I myself was hoping that this would allow a larger turnout for both returning and older attendees, and honestly I was glad that for the most part there was.

Although Friday started a little later than most conventions do (6:00 p.m.), it was a nice way to get adjusted to a local con that was popular.
Registration was simple and painless for most people who were either showing up and buying at the door, or had pre-registered. The vendor’s room/game area/performance room opened nearly without a hitch, save a few vendors still setting up.
It was nice to see a bunch of familiar faces in the attendees, instead of hoping to see them at out-of-state conventions, and it felt more relaxed in it’s atmosphere.

Most of the time was spent taking pictures of cosplayers who took this about as seriously as you would any other convention, so you know it was good quality and so much heart and effort put into them.

Saturday was the better day, with a much larger turnout, and more vendors than last time, including the celebrity guests that were invited.

Unfortunately I didn’t attend any panels, since they didn’t interest my curiosity, save the planetarium show that was in the middle of the afternoon.
Unfortunately when I tried to get in, it was limited seating and all seats were taken.

Another factor to consider the amount of attendees was that the weather made it difficult for certain vendors, attendees and game room volunteers from making it on time, considering we had recently a small storm hit the Long Island area.

Fun performances throughout the day were the Chinese dragon show and martial art demonstrations that were honestly very well choreographed and energetic as it can possibly be.

All in all, I would say that I-con, while not at it’s peak as it was in 2012, can potentially become as event filled and enjoyable as I would honestly like it to be.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Landaverde Jr.