That one special day that kids and adults alike look forward to, where wonderful gifts arrive that the whole family can enjoy!

I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m talking about Free Comic Book Day! The first Saturday of May brings in anyone from all walks of life, from that construction worker to your 5 year old niece, there’s something definitely for everyone!

Now, I personally haven’t been to one in years, due to conventions, work and overall life getting in the way. This year I managed to get the day off, and didn’t want to miss this years event for anything.

Taking a train over to Times Square, I made my way to Midtown Comics Times Square, even with slightly cloudy weather the numbers of people heading towards that little tent right outside the store was staggering. Parents with their wide-eyed children getting a bag full of comics, adults with smiles and anyone in between.

Now for anyone not familiar with Free Comic Book Day, during the first Saturday in May, comic book stores throughout the U.S. that participate gives out free sample issues of popular comics for every age.
This helps both corporate and local comic businesses with sales since it gives incentives to shop during this special event.

I myself have purchased DC’s Bombshell run (one that I will do a review soon, so keep an eye out!) so I can say that this is definitely true.

This is a great way to get anyone who’s either interested in comics and unsure of where to even start, to get a small sample of series runs that they may find interest in, or maybe have a fan who’s been behind in comics for far too long, like myself to jump right in.

For all those cosplayers out there, cosplaying as your favorite hero is highly encouraged. My best memory is seeing an excited 9 year old dressed like Black Widow having the best time of her life!

If you missed FCBD this year, no worries! The Free Comic Book Day website definitely lists other events that are planned throughout the year, so check it out!

So read on, all you heroes and heroines, into a world of awesomeness!