Hello to all our wonderful viewers! From your caring, sharing, ever so daring Lost Silver Productions!

1. What influence you to be part of Lost Sliver Productions?

Well, let me say first that it’s been a while, hasn’t it, Ernie? Many of your viewers may not realize this, but we go back on the convention scene 8 years now. It was September 27, 2008, New York Anime Festival, the date of my very first game show on the anime convention circuit. And you happened to be there for my very first Anime Press Your Luck. Oh man, was that a scary day. First time performing, and the gameplay was horrific thanks to me and Adam Shang now knowing the secret to good question writing. Thank heavens I’ve learned mostly since then!

So anyway, I started then as part of Disorganization XIII, led by Angelo D’Argenio. I ran with him for a year and a half and then broke off as my own thing, Sonic Whammy Enterprises. I did that until late 2014, when I had to exit the convention scene as a regular performer because of some outside factors related to family and my job. At that time, Sonic Whammy was actually going through a trying personnel transition, and that’s when Scott Goldiner came into the picture. I closed Sonic Whammy down 6 months after he started, and he wished to continue where I left off. That’s how Lost Silver Productions started. I worked with him in the shadows to help him make the whirlwind transition to game show host, and there’s been some growing pains, trust me. But he’s always been a student of the game and done what he’s had to do to make his shows great. And thankfully, early this year, I was granted the blessing to return to the convention scene as a full time player. So it’s not so much a question of being “influenced” to join Lost Silver, because in a sense I always was. I just couldn’t have a physical presence in it until now.

2. What is your least favorite & most favorite game show of all time?
3. If you had the chance to host a show yourself, what would it be and why?

Brian: Well, people that know me know that Press Your Luck has always been my all time favorite. There’s a reason I started with that show 8 years ago. THE ultimate game of chance, flashy, colorful, it’s really everything you can ask for in a fun game. Scott, I know it’s one of your favorites, too.

Scott: Right, that, and also Price Is Right and the Pyramid for me.

Brian: Yes, and you have Pyramid in the lineup now. Hopefully next year we’ll get one of them taped. But yeah, those are our favorites and would be a total dream to host for real. As for the worst show…

Scott: Million Second Quiz.

Brian: Really. And you competed on that.

Scott: Well, I didn’t make it on TV, but I did get to play. Lost my only game 10-7.

Brian: Oh, there you go, go figure. For me, well, I’m not entirely sure. But I’ll say this, we’re doing one of our new Game Show Talk & Fun podcasts in November about awful shows that didn’t past 13 weeks. I’m sure as we compile our list, we’ll mention one that I can honestly say is my least favorite show ever. So I guess now everyone will have to tune into the podcast that night to find out.

4. Which host has influenced you the most?

Scott: Bob Barker. I guess it was the way that he knew how make the contestant the star and how to build up the excitement for the big win. He had class and style.

Brian: Well, on camera, anyway. Off camera, that’s a whole other story. Now, you’d think for me that Peter Tomarken would be the biggest influence, keeping with the Press Your Luck theme, and he was. He showed how to have a wacky time playing a wacky game, and that’s what I like to do. But once I started doing this, I developed a big appreciation for Chuck Woolery, because he’s the kind of host that, he can make a mistake, and instead of trying to cover it up, edit it out and do it over, he calls attention to it, laughs it off, gets a bit out of it. He insists upon it. And that’s me in a nutshell. So he holds a place in my influences, too.

5. Which game show would you give a facelift for the 21st century and why?

Brian: Oh… we’ve had arguments about this, haven’t we? Especially about Press Your Luck.

Scott: Yes, I know.

Brian: See, back in 2010, I raised the money figures when I did PYL because I realized that inflation really caused the good prizes to not fit with the classic money figures anymore. And I always felt if PYL came back, you’d have to raise the stakes. But Scott hates that.

Scott: I just don’t feel like it’s really Press Your Luck unless you can say “Stop at $5,000 and a Spin!”. Saying “$10,000 and a Spin” never feels the same. I didn’t like it when Ricki Lake did it for Game Show Marathon 10 years ago, either.

Brian: Yes, folks, he’s that particular. But yeah, that’s me with PYL. What do you want to see come back?

Scott: I want to see Debt again. It was a great show that really helped people that were deep in the red. People need that again with our economy and stuff.

6. What convention is on the top of your bucket list?

Brian: Um, I’m not sure that I have one. Otakon is still the pinnacle for me, and I’ve already been there. But now next year with it being in DC, I’m hoping to make my return there, and if I do, the family’s coming with me. So to come back there AND to perform there again, it would be amazing.

Scott: I’m going to Japan around New Year’s next year, and I’ve always wanted to go to the Tokyo Game Show. I know it just passed a few weeks ago, though, I’m not going at the right time of year. But if I was, I would definitely go there.

7. Do you have any questions that you want to ask the fans?

Well, first are foremost, we want anyone reading this to come BE our fans. Watch us, subscribe to us, and especially come join our podcasts, both Game Show Talk & Fun and Convention Attention. We’re busy all the time and we want people to be there for it all. At the same time, we’re really looking to grow the operation, including… Hey, Ernie, you wanted me to do Wheel of Fortune years ago. Well, we DO want to do it, AND we want to actually build a wheel to do it. But we need money to do that and other things, and we’ve tried to start a Patreon for that. It’s at patreon.com/lostsilver. I admit, though, we’re kind of new to the crowdfunding thing. So we have a couple rewards up there, but we want to really know what kind of swag you’d all want in return for donating to us. T-shirts with our logo, things like that. Give us some ideas and if we can do it, we’ll put it up there. This is all about you guys, our audience. So be part of our creative process, help us be the biggest show we can be for all of you and we’ll pay you back in kind in every way we can.