It’s that time of the new year!

New you!

New way to make everything better!

…Except when you get sick.

Today’s Tip Tuesday is a double whammy for before and during conventions, using measures so you don’t spend your time back from that awesome weekend in bed hugging a toilet.

One of the best ways to prevent being sick during a convention is to be as hydrated as you possibly can. It prevents potential fainting and also flushes out anything in your body that could potentially get you sick. By hydrate we also mean water as a primary drink. Soda isn’t good, as well as anything extremely sugary.

Pack as much over the counter medicine as you think you may need. Anything for headaches, fevers, stomach aches, are a must on any trip where you will be interacting with loads of people! Even packets of Vitamin C that you can pour into your water are life savers, since they give your body that essential vitamin to help your immune system.

SLEEP IS KEY. Of course you’re hyped for tomorrow, the convention you’ve been waiting for, only to lose so many hours of sleep that you so very much need. What’s even worse, is losing sleep during the convention weekend. Partying can be hard, and catching up on sleep is even harder. By not getting a proper 8 to 10 hours of sleep can make your immune system drop lower than that bass you heard at the con rave. Besides, you feel so energized the day after, so you can wait for hours to meet that celebrity you’ve wanted to see your entire life.

Eat well.
Pocky and Red Bulls aren’t your friend. Eat actual meals, with protein to give you that energy to make it through the day. Veggies are also your friend, since they give you a little bit of a natural energy boost.

These are just a small amount of tips that we have, and there are countless more.

If you have any tips you can give anyone to make sure your health is tip top shape, let us know in the comments!