Just like how you can’t judge a book by its cover, same can be applied for the movies and their trailers. In recent years, people have complained about trailers giving away too much of a movie’s plot. It’s true to an extent with some movies like “Speed”, “Castaway”, & “Free Willy”, however with some movies, the trailers are simply to entice the audience by going in one direction & then completely taking it to another. This is the feeling that I got from watching Disney’s “Zootopia” & Paramount’s “10 Cloverfield Lane” this past weekend.

Granted, I haven’t seen the additional trailers of Zootopia & 10 Cloverfield Lane online before I actually watched the movies. I just saw one trailer that either popped up right before a movie or an e-mail that I received from someone. I hope that I don’t spoil them for you. I plan on not spoiling them for you. However before I begin, I do have to say that you should see both of these movies. I personally think they are worth it.

For Zootopia, I thought it was another Disney ploy to grab more money from their audience after watching the first trailer of the movie during “Minions”. I did watching the DMV scene with my family & we all laughed. However, it didn’t really entice me to go see the movie. The first indication that I should go see this movie when an e-mail that I received from Variety saying that Zootopia got $1.7 million in Thursday preview screenings, which breaks the Disney record for a Thursday preview showing for a non-summer release (A useless statistic). However, that e-mail did intrigue me and I thought how it was going to do, in terms of box office numbers. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 99% and many of my friends on social media were raving about the movie. So I decided to give a fair chance. I ended up going to a movie screening on a Friday afternoon while the kids were still in school. This way, I can actually enjoy the movie and not feel like a creepy man watching a Disney movie. Overall, if I went strictly on the trailer and not listen to anyone than I probably would not have seen the movie. Now that I saw the movie and gave it a fair chance, I would recommend it for everyone! It’s an amazingly entertaining, fun movie for all ages to enjoy with an amazing Disney-esque message behind it.

Here’s the trailer that I saw during Minions.

Next up is 10 Cloverfield Lane. For the record, I LOVED the original Cloverfield. I was lucky enough to work for the channel “Epix” (Viacom’s answer to HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and the other premium movie channels) and one of the first big movies that they aired was “Cloverfield”. Every time it came on, I immediately turned up the speakers in my workstation (which had a banging sound system) and enjoyed the movie. A little tidbit, I turned the speakers so loud at one point someone from the other side of the building one floor up heard it and asked me to turn it down. Anyways, I wanted to watch this movie ever since news broke out that there was going to be a sequel. The trailer to the movie made me look forward to it even more. I saw the movie on Sunday and although I enjoyed the movie, it definitely did not match my expectations of the story via the trailer. Of course the monster will be involved, however to me it wasn’t what I was expecting. It definitely threw me off course and made me enjoy the movie even more cause it was a twist that was pretty cool. It definitely got me to edge of my seat.

Here’s the trailer that I saw from an e-mail:

Overall, go see both movies in the theaters! You need the atmosphere & environment of the theater to truly enjoy the movies. Nowadays, you go to the movies, not for the movie, but for the experience and the fun of going to the movies. You get to see trailers for future movies and wonder if they are going to be what you expect. Will Batman v Superman & Captain America: Civil War live up to the expectations of the trailer? Only one way to find out…