If you haven’t heard of Punished Props, especially being in the convention scene, it’s time for you to meet perhaps one of the most talented prop making couple hailing from Seattle we’ve been fan’s of for a very long time!

Bill and Britt have been doing props, armor work, and anything else you can imagine since 2009, and their skills only continue to grow as the years go by!

If you’ve seen popular cosplayers with intricate and detailed armor, weapons, and any other prop walking around conventions, then it’s more than likely you’ve seen their work at some point in time.

Of course, expect a long wait to commission something from these amazing people, since they definitely put their heart and soul into each item, each more wonderful than the last!

They also provide their own blueprints for Patreon followers, and the occassional free one on social media.

So please support them, either on Patreon, or giving them a follow on any of their social media pages!

Photo Credit: Unknown (If you know the source, please let us know in the comments so we can give them proper credit!)