We’ve made tips on taking your time on cosplays, and made tips on how to handle the con crunch.

We’ve also made tips on ignoring what others say and do cosplay for you.

Today’s Tip however, is simply taking a step back and just enjoying your work. Sometimes the pressure and countless trips to JoAnn’s may not seem like it’s your ideal time working on a cosplay, and sometimes you may think that you aren’t anywhere skilled as you would like to be.

However, you should be proud of your work, like diggity dog, you took a step further than most people did, and you should be hyped to wear that outfit you’ve been wanting to do for years!

For those who buy their cosplays, be proud of your choice to have someone make something that you know you’ll wear happily and enjoy it!

If you feel like you didn’t do it justice, dust yourself off and try again! You don’t GIT GUD by letting a first attempt stop you from continuing to try to be the best you can be!

As usual, you can perfect your style (dependant on cosplay, of course) by looking tutorials online, asking a friend, or simply practicing!

Seriously though, take some time to really look yourself in the mirror, and smile big at your choice to join the world of cosplaying!