The Music & Gaming Festival has been a staple of the mid-atlantic gaming scene. With the convention moving to the latter part of Winter vacation, the convention is expected to grow even more than it is now. The convention is usually held in January, whether it’s Martin Luther King Day Weekend or New Year’s weekend. They have an arcade that’s open 24 hours with concerts from the wee hours of the morning to the wee hours of the morning. It’s a non-stop festival that rivals Coachella & Glastonbury.

Here’s our cosplay music video from last year to see what the festival is all about.

Now you got a nice preview of the convention, here are 3 headlines to look forward to this weekend.

1. Will the actions of the attendees of Katsucon affect MAGFest attendees?
For those who didn’t hear about the mess that was Katsucon, we’ll just say that they left the hotel in “shambles” (Yeah, it’s an exaggeration. However, according to some people BBYO didn’t do too much physical damage in 2012 but it costs them $10,000 to repair and got them a lifetime ban from the Gaylord). The actions of a few affect so many of us cause now MAGFest attendees will be viewed in a different light since the crowds are very similar. Hotel security will probably increase along with the tension in the air.

UPDATE: There is a rumor going around that the flooding incident on the 10th floor was caused by plumbing/pipe malfunction. Not yet confirmed.

2. Will the Gaylord be more cautious with this convention?
MAGFest & The Gaylord have just send a four-year deal to be in that facility on the ending weekend of winter vacation. The Gaylord can’t really do much about it now cause of the contract, however I’m sure that there will be more restrictions in place. MAGFest has been known as the “chill” convention as oppose to their older sibling “Katsucon”. An older, more mature crowd is expected at the event. Therefore, the Gaylord will still be in one piece when the convention is over on Sunday.

3. How many times will we hear the Colossus yell?
The answer to that is too many and yes, this is a headline to look forward cause MAGFest even puts out a sign saying that they shouldn’t do the yell in the actual hotel area. It will distract everyone staying there that’s not part of the convention.

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