Every Valentine’s Day weekend since 2008, The Fan’s POV has traveled to the Washington D.C. Area for Katsucon. Since its inception in 1995, Katsucon has survived 3 major snow storms, various location changes, a teenage gathering that made fun of their attendees like teens do, and major overhaul of the staff to become one of the biggest and most anticipated anime conventions in the country. We remember when it was in the Omni hotel, then the Hyatt Crystal City, and then finally to the Gaylord National Harbor where it remained its home since 2010. Being such a large convention, it’s also holds the distinction as one of the most controversial in recent history. Most famously is the Gaylord’s photography policy, where photographers are very limited on what they can use. However, with the drama and the weather, attendance has been growing since 2009.

If you haven’t been to Katsucon, then watch last year’s cosplay music video that we did called “Ever Ever After”,

As we have done with previous conventions, we will look at 3 headlines going into the convention weekend.

1 – How much will the attendance be affected by “ghosting”?
Ghosting is a major problem with conventions. For those who don’t know what ghosting is, it is when you attend a convention, but don’t really pay for it. Katsucon is a prime example of that. You don’t need to buy a badge to enjoy the convention. You can hang out with your friends and shoot in the atrium and you can see how the convention is affect by this. The Gaylord & the city of National Harbor loves this cause it brings in revenue for them. However, it affects Katsucon to where it can raise its membership prices to help bring in better guests and provide more programming to its attendees.

2 – What actually brings attendees to Katsucon? The programming or The Gaylord?
This question has been a good one to figure out over the years. The Gaylord is a beautiful location with an absolutely stunning environment that you have to see to believe. The Gaylord has made people from the West Coast travel to the East Coast during the winter to see. The programming is top notch with some of the biggest guests/panelists attending this convention to see the atmosphere and to share their love of anime with attendees. However within the past two or years, programming has clearly taken a backseat to the Gaylord. You can see that most attendees would rather see what’s going on cosplay wise at the convention. However after checking out this year’s schedule, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rise in programming attendance.

3 – How much does the photography policy have in effect with the convention?
It’s very possible that the photography policy will have an effect on the convention. It has annoyed & frustrated some photographers to the point where they can attend MAGFest the following week where there is no photography policy in place. When it was first introduced to the community in 2013, photographers & videographers had to be careful with their equipment and where exactly they shot. We have been approached twice for our equipment being deemed too professional for the convention. They were on a Friday & Thursday. However after those initial encounters, we brought different equipment that is professional and didn’t get talked to. There was an incident where a videographer got his equipment stolen after being deemed too professional and had to place it on the side because they had a scheduled shoot. This year, they still more lax with their policy than previous years. To view the policy, you can click here → http://www.katsucon.org/faqs/photography-policy/.

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