Starting this week, we are starting a new weekly series of articles talking about the top five headlines to look for at a certain convention. This week, it’s Otakon Vegas.

This weekend is the third installment of Otakon Vegas. We went to the first one in 2014 to where we had a great time! We had so much in Vegas and we want to go back there. If you wanna know, how good of a time we had click here to see our wrap-up show.

In 2014, they attracted over 2,000 attendees to Las Vegas with guests like Masahiro Ando & Sayaka Sasaki, along with the highly anitcipated premiere of “Space Dandy”. Although year one was deemed as a success, the convention was considered small. The following year, they moved the convention to Martin Luther King Weekend to attract more vacation goers. According to Wikipedia, they only attracted 2,100 attendees just 100 more than the previous year. The guest lineup wasn’t as strong as 2014, however it should still attract a nice crowd. With acts like JAM Project, Shino Kakinuma, and Wendee Lee, Otakon Vegas is pulling out all the stops to establish themselves on the West Coast.

So here are five headlines to look forward to this weekend,

1. Will the attendance go up this year or stay around the 2000-2100 mark?
– 2014 had a strong showing with over 2000 attendees, when they expected only 1,000. However that number includes East Coast attendees checking out Las Vegas for the first time. In 2015, East Coast people who attended in 2014 decided to stay in the Atlantic Coast. This would have surely brought the numbers down. However, West Coast attendees filled the void to keep it above 2,000. With guests like Vic Mignoga & Todd Haberkorn, they should be a little boost to attendance in 2016.

2. Does an anime convention work in the heart of the Las Vegas strip?
– With the past two years being deemed successes, the answer would be yes. Anime Vegas was a successful convention from 2003-2013, unfortunately the convention hasn’t happened since. There have been numerous problems with the convention & their venue.

3. Will the convention stay during that weekend or move to another one?
– In 2014, the convention was happening the first weekend of the year. In 2015 & 2016, the convention moved to Martin Luther King weekend, which made it easier for people to plan and also have cheaper flights, since they aren’t traveling during the “holiday” season.

4. Will they outgrow the Planet Hollywood?
– This goes back to attendance numbers. If they continue to stay the course, it won’t outgrow their current venue. If anything, that venue is perfect for a convention of that size. The room are perfect size, the venue is in the middle of the Vegas strip. You can enter & exit the area without heading into the casino. It’s a nice venue that can hold a good amount of attendees.

5. Will they attract enough East Coast attendees again?
– The name “Otakon” is a brand name with a brand value. In 2014, that name brought people to Las Vegas and it helped with some of the West Coast attendees who can’t afford the trip to Baltimore every summer. The problem is trying to get people to come back from the East Coast.

Do you have any other headlines that could possibly be news stories for Otakon Vegas 2016? If so, leave them in the comments section below.