In State College, Pennsylvania, Setsucon will be celebrating its 10th year at the Toftrees Golf Resort & Conference Center on January 30th & 31st. After some of the reviews and hearing from some of our friends, we decided to give it a shot this year. This comes after the fact that Ernie couldn’t attend Animore this past weekend, due to Winter Storm Jonas *shakes fist in anger at the sky*. Anyways, we heard that it is an amazing underrated convention, where you can just hang out and be a con-goer. There are a lot of conventions where you are constantly doing something “professional”, like going to cosplay photo shoots or presenting a panel. This convention sounds like a great convention to test out new cosplays for the veterans, but also for the beginner cosplayer to see how a cosplay reacts to the community.

Here’s a vlog from popular YouTuber dejavudea about Setsucon 2015.

So here are 3 headlines to look forward to for Setsucon 2016.

1. Will attendance reach cap this year?
– According to some sources on Facebook, the attendance cap is about 700. Some people are panicking about not being able to go this year. According to a staffer, they still have “a couple of hundreds of badges left”. The cap was instituted by the venue and not by the convention. Hopefully, they won’t reach before Ernie makes it cause it was a last minute decision. Nobody knows what’s going to happen basically.

2. Is the Toftrees Golf Resort & Conference Center a better place for the convention instead of the Penn Stater Hotel?
– The Penn Stater were slated to hold the convention in 2016, but according to the convention, the hotel refused to honor the agreement for whatever reasons. Therefore, they had to move to a smaller venue. Hopefully, it will do well enough to raise the cap or else they will be a lot of people “ghosting” at this convention if it’s possible.

3. Will the new venue hurt or help the convention?
– Most of the time when a convention goes to a new venue, their first year usually is terrible. This is when the convention gets a sense of how the venue works and what to do and not to do. Attendees have to learn a new layout to see where everything is.

For more information on Setsucon, you can visit their website at, Like Them on Facebook, or Follow Them on Twitter at @Setsucon