One of our first conventions of the year will be in Petaluma, California at The Petaluma Community Center & Lucchesi Park this Saturday January 30th from 10am to 4pm. This is the second edition of the show and the first convention that our newest reporter Juan will be reporting on in Northern California. This is a free event and a great starter convention for those who want to experience a “comic con”, but don’t want to start off with the big ones in the area like San Francisco Comic Con or SacAnime. Last year’s attendance was around 1,500, which was tripled the expected numbers. The event was started by Connie Williams, a Teacher Librarian at Petaluma High School, after reading an article about a comic-con and brought the idea to the board.

Here’s a video from Positively Petaluma showcasing some of the highlights of the 2015 edition.

With the second edition coming up this weekend, we have 3 headlines to look forward to this weekend.

1. Will they surpass last year’s attendance of 1,500?
– It was an excepted number of people that attended this event, which caught organizers off guard and they reserved a bigger space this year. Therefore they can supply the demand. However, the event is free. Personally, I’m expecting this number to rise close to 2,000.

2. Will the event be strictly art & literature or will it branch out to different aspects of the “con” community?
– This convention was based and still based off comic books and reading in general. They have a program called “Shadow an artist”, where high school artists mentor young children in using their artistic creativity. However, there were people in attendance dressed up in cosplay and participating in different aspects of the cosplay/convention community. Hopefully, this event won’t go the way of Sakura Matsuri, where it was based off Japanese traditions when first started and now it’s billed similar to an anime convention.

3. How will this year affect the 2017 edition?
– The numbers don’t lie and 1,500 in 2015 is a very impressive number. The staff this year was more prepared starting almost 3 months ago for the 2016 edition and securing a fund for 2017. The activities and programming will attract people to the event and most importantly help decide what works and what doesn’t work for 2017.

For more information on LumaCon! You can visit their website at or like them on Facebook