With a big name like Otakon leaving for Washington D.C., it leaves Baltimore’s Inner Harbor without an anime convention to which Animore hopes to fill in the coming years. The convention is happening this weekend with an at-door membership price of $40 for the entire weekend, which helps pay for the convention (That’s according to their website). This first year convention was first advertised at Otakon this past summer. It is held that the Hyatt Regency, which is one of the hotels that Otakon uses for a hotel block. This convention is putting on by Black Materia Inc., which are the same people that run 4 conventions in VA, TN, GA, & MD.

As we did with Otakon Vegas last weekend, instead of five, we have three headlines heading to Animore 2016.

1. Will there be enough attendance to garner a second year?
– With a first year convention, there’s always that uncertainty of staff for both the conventions and its venue. We hope that Animore doesn’t fall into this and have to dig itself out of a hole before it’s truly given a chance.

2. Will the weather affect attendance?
– Winter Storm Jonas, The first snowstorm of 2016, is currently being labeled as one of the biggest the region has seen since 2010. Weatherman predicted that there will be at least 18 to 24 inches of snow on the ground starting Friday evening. For those who wanted to go for the day on Saturday will not get a chance to attend, it’s something the convention can’t control. However, it’s a factor that could affect their numbers & maybe a chance at a second convention in 2017 in that same venue.

3. Will this fill in the void that Otakon will be putting when they leave for Washington DC?
– This question can’t be answered in the first year of the convention. However, it’s a thought that has to be in the heads of the staff & attendees alike.