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Watching Wednesday Video Game Edition May 31 2017: A Night in the Woods

Today’s Watching Wednesday is a relatively new Indie title available for PC, called A Night in the Woods by Infinite Fall.

Mae, an only child, has returned home to Possum Springs, where times have changed since the closing of its coal mines. Now living in her parents’ attic, she uncovers a dark mystery that leads […]

Tip Tuesday May 30 2017: Dattebayo!!

Today’s Tip Tuesday is about believing in the Hokage within you!

No matter what others have told you to bring you down, what pressure you may feel from your surroundings, remember that you are your best support!

Be the S-Link you fought so hard to achieve, the best, that no one ever was!

Sometimes things do get […]

Watching Wednesday Video Game Edition May 24 2017: The Last Story

Today’s Watching Wednesday is a underrated gem for the Nintendo Wii that not a lot of people had the opportunity to play: Mistwalker Studios’ The Last Story.

Produced and co-directed by Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, this title follows the long time Final Fantasy visionary who, while having a fondness for titles that speak of […]

Tip Tuesday May 23 2017: CosFam of Action

While we’ve said it multiple times in the past, and we’ve tried to live by this saying, and especially in the cosplay community it’s very important: “If you see something, say something!”

This week, our Tip Tuesday is about taking action when you see cosplayers being either bullied, harassed or worse, say something or get […]

Watching Wednesday Video Game Edition May 17 2017: Mother 3

Today’s Watching Wednesday is a bit weird as a recommendation.

Almost everyone is aware of how fun and weird Earthbound was for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but most aren’t aware that it was only the second in the Mother series. Brought to us by HAL Laboratories April 20 2006 on the Gameboy Advance, and […]

Tip Tuesday May 16 2017: Keep those Hotel friends happy!

Today’s Tip Tuesday is about proper convention hotel etiquette!

Of course we’ve talked about how to go about being a roommate at any con hotel, but what is the standard approach that we recommend when going on the hunt for a hotel room and what to do when you finally nab that awesome priced hotel […]

Watching Wednesday May 10 2017: A Silent Voice

Today’s Watching Wednesday is perhaps one of the best animated films I’ve had the pleasure of watching these last few months:
A Silent Voice!

Beautifully animated by Kyoto Animation, and having one of the most simplest, yet amazingly told story of two people who come from different worlds, meet, then meet again and fall in love

The […]

Tip Tuesday May 9 2017: Check those weapons!

Today’s Tip Tuesday is about prop weapons, and making sure they’re con safe!

When planning to make props for your cosplay, be it a weapon or anything else related to your character, and plan to take it to a convention, make sure you check the convention rules on their weapons.

When making bladed prop weapons, most […]

Watching Wednesday April 26 2017: Justice League: War

Today’s Watching Wednesday is honestly the one D.C. Comics animated film that we can watch when we’re all together: Justice League: War!

A series of strange abductions have occurred in Gotham City, Central City, Coast City and Metropolis among others. Video footage suggests that Batman, a wanted, costumed vigilante, is behind the incidents. When a […]

Tip Tuesday April 25 2017: Crafting safety!

We’ve talked about fabrics, finding those good sales, and organization.
However we do need to talk about one very important aspect of crafting anything, whether from fabrics, or crafting foam such as worbla, craft foam, and the hundreds of others available: safety.

Today’s Tip Tuesday is about making sure that you’re properly equipped to make perhaps […]

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