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The Fan’s POV: FaerieCon 2016

I unfolded myself from the car on the morning of November 5th, smiling as I watched some other con-goers fixing their wings. A rainbow sign reading “FaerieCon” was posted on the exterior wall of the Hunt Valley Inn, inviting guests to enter a world of magic and beauty.


Entering the hallway to […]

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Relationship Goals. Who’s should you really look up to?

I’m sure you’ve all see it before. Someone shares a photo of Joker and Harley Quinn with the text “OMG Relationship goals :D” and then think to yourself how that specific relationship would be nothing short of hell. So that got me thinking what WOULD be a good relationship goal in the fictional world. […]

Tip Tuesday: September 6 2016

If you know you’ll be wearing an uncomfortable cosplay. Bring a “casual” version of that character to change into for when you start to get tired so you don’t miss any events. 

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Perception: America & Comics

America has always been a big part of comics, hell two of the biggest comic book companies are based in America. Of course I’m talking about Marvel and Have you ever wondered how much influence it has on comics itself? Or the perception of America in the history of comics? 
Depending on the story or […]

Steampunk World’s Fair 2014 – Wrap-Up Show

LI-Con 1 (2014) – Wrap-Up Show

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Anime Boston 2014 – Wrap-Up Show

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Wicked Faire 2014 – Wrap-Up Show

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Katsucon 20 (2014) – Wrap-Up Show

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Interview With Yaya Han

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