Today’s #ArtistSpotlight almost needs no real introduction, since working with her in the past has been nothing short of amazing, but Mango Sirene has been helping out the cosplay community one video at a time.

With her YouTube channel, she has been making it easy for cosplayers, both expert and novice, to find help in so many ways. From wig maintenance, to armor crafting, to fabric choices, Mango Sirene is the true definition of Cosplay Senpai to so many people.

Recently, she started up a Twitch channel so people can get help directly in wig styling, sewing, and even photo editing! (you should see her photography, it’s really awesome!)

Of course, none of this is possible without YOUR help! We are firm advocates on supporting artists, cosplayers and musicians in their endeavors to bring more to the community in content that can help that new cosplayer, or even expert, to be able to make that dream cosplay! So please check her Patreon out so she can keep bringing that warm fuzzy feeling we get when we are all cosplaying!

Yona:Mango Sirene