Do you sometimes need to show either how refined you are, and simply belt out your best laugh? The ones that the world can hear, with your “OHOHOHOHO!” Just as powerful as your art?

If you’re trying to figure out where we’re going with today’s Artist Spotlight’s, then look no further than Ashley Riot, whose art is not only a fun look into Ashley’s talented mind, but also into someone who’s passion is infinite.

With such imaginative and fantastic usage of light and colors, her art is simply amazing.

Personally speaking, we have a huge fondness of her neon light aesthetics in the majority of her art.

Her style also compliments both Western and Eastern pop culture fanbases, so there’s definitely something for everyone, so please take some time to check her out!

Also for all you fellow Fighting Game Community friends, she also cosplays! Some of you may have seen her amazing Cammy and graceful Karin Kanzuki at major tournaments such as CEO and most recent Evolution 2016! Check out her cosplay page at Queen Riot!

Photo Credit: Cliff Nordman