It’s said often that art imitates life, and this is very much true.

What happens when life imitates art to the point where it is difficult to tell the difference?

This month’s first Artist Spotlight is Narcisse Cosplay Art and Lady Zero!

Cosplaying for nearly half a decade, these two extremely talented cosplayers have astounded us with their attention to detail in each cosplay they have done in the past, and continue doing so.

With such amazing synergy between the photographers they’ve worked with, each shot is shown in exuberance, and very well may be a carbon copy of whom they’re potraying.

If you are amazed with their cosplays as much as we are, please check their individual pages, and give them the love and praise they deserve.

Their Patreon is also a fantastic way to support them so they can continue bringing you content that they love to do.

Photo Credit:
Decim & Chiyuki/Vincent Valentine & Lucretia Crescent: Lady Zero and Narcisse Cosplay Art
Photographer: Lexa One Photographie